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How To Get Rid Of Computer Virus

Is your computer infected by a virus, so it does not function as usual? As you know, a virus is a kind of malicious program meant to infect your computer, sometimes without you knowing about it.  If your PC is infected with a virus, including worms, Trojans and malware, your system may work too slowly in performing activities. In some cases, viruses may also corrupt data inside your computer system. To learn of ways on how to get rid of a computer virus, check out the following sections and remove the computer virus immediately.

How To Get Rid Of Computer Virus Manually

Prepare your computer, an antivirus software and internet connection to work on this solution on how to get rid of computer virus.  Launch the antivirus software and run it to conduct a scan for the entire system. In the event you don’t have an antivirus installed, go online and download one of them. Do not just install the first one you come across to, but make sure to check its reputation by reading some related reviews from users who have tried it for themselves.

How To Get Rid Of Computer Virus

 When the full scan is completed, see the results and locate the viruses detected by the software, one of the most common ways on how to get rid of a computer viruses. Highlight the virus icons and click on the ‘delete’ button to remove the virus manually. You can also delete specific types of viruses from your PC by reading out information on how to do it online. Delete the virus according to instructions, but take note that you have to do it slowly and carefully. Otherwise, you may be deleting important computer files.

When you have removed each virus detected from your system, you can re-launch the antivirus program and repeat the scan process. When done scanning, you can check for any possible viruses or threats left.  If there is none, you have successfully deleted the viruses on your system and it’s ready to work normally again by using the above solution on how to get rid of computer virus.

How To Get Rid Of Computer Virus By Installing Autoruns

What to do is to install autoruns from the Microsoft TechNet to help you see what programs are running every time you are booting your computer. This process will let you have a clear picture on what is going on and what program operate on your computer system without your consent.  See what programs are displaying when you launch the autorun program.

Adjust the options to find on autoruns so that you will find it easier to detect all the infected entries. For instance, you may want to disable reporting of some Microsoft services, but include some locations you do not check often. Nevertheless, click the options and filter them but consider checking: verify code signatures include empty location and hide signed Microsoft services/entries.

How To Get Rid Of Computer Virus

Reboot your computer using the Safe Mode with Networking as one of the steps to take on how to get rid of computer virus.  Because most viruses can attach themselves with startup programs or services, you may want to consider deleting them while your computer is infected with them. Otherwise, the viruses will be able to recreate entries in your registry files. Using the Safe Mode only loads important startup services to disable infected entries.

Before running the auto run program, make sure that your filters to use are correct. Scan the system, which may take a couple of minutes, and then look up for infected entries.  Before marking every entry for removal, determine if this is really a virus or a threat.

Remove the malware entry to delete it from the startup process. Take note that this does not delete the files already infected with the malware. Delete an entry and all the associated files. Repeat the same as a solution on how to get rid of computer virus for the next virus entry. Once done removing all the viruses, prepare to reboot normally to allow the processes left to start and load.

Now if your system were still infected by viruses, try the next solution to remove computer virus.  Reinstall Windows! This may be the best remedy to use to remove all the viruses, but don’t get too excited yet. It may be faster to do than trying to troubleshoot several times, but you have to ensure you back up your files and to take note of your windows key. More so, you have to back up the installers of all the programs you need onto a flash drive so that you can get them installed back when you’ve finished reinstalling Windows.

The process of reinstalling will help in cleaning your computer drive as well as in getting rid of any infection.

How To Get Rid Of Computer Virus

How To Get Rid Of Computer Virus On Mac

Install an antivirus specific for Mac systems and start scanning for viruses.  When scanning, make sure to include even the external hard drives or USBs.  When done scanning with the first program, you can start uninstalling it and then installing a new second program.  This will help in detecting any malware left from the first scan. Otherwise, you can consider reinstalling OS X if the antivirus scans didn’t get rid of the viruses.

Aside from reinstalling OS X as a solution to get rid of computer virus, you may want the Flashback virus removed if you have not checked and updated your OS X that left this problem unfixed. You can download several programs to remove it, but make sure to check its reputation before using it.

More so, check if your Mac has been infected by MoneyPak, a kind of malware leading you to a page to tell you that the FBI has shut down your computer, and then forces you to pay money so that it will unlock your computer. To get rid of it, open your Safari’s menu bar and click, “Reset.”

There you have some simple ways to use when getting rid of viruses on a computer system, PC or Mac. Check out and apply a specific virus removal method that works for you to bring back your computer’s normal function. Learn more solutions on how to get rid of computer viruses today!