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How To Get Rid Of Crows

Crows are common species of birds across the Northern American region and in temperate continents.  These jet-black birds possess annoying hoarse voices that can be very disturbing in many residential areas, and if you are in one of those neighborhoods where crows are dominant, you may want to learn of things to do on how to get rid of crows. You’ve come to the right post to show you ways to eliminate these birds.

How To Get Rid Of Crows

Crows do not only make a huge, shrieking noise but they are also known to destroy crops and plants, including corns, fruits and plant organisms that comprise over 60 percent of their diets. They are not that easy to destroy or to get rid of because they are highly intelligent like apes. Several studies have proven that crows are not only able to use tools but also make them. They are also excellent in remembering human faces, solving puzzles and counting numbers. Although eliminating crows using some ways on how to get rid of crows may not be that easy, you can outwit these smart creatures and drive them away for good. How? Check out below.

How To Get Rid Of Crows

Block Their Access

Just like what homeowners do in deterring other birds, such as woodpeckers, you can also block the crow’s access in your area by putting up netting, an immediate solution on how to get rid of crows. You can do this around your crops so that they can be protected from the birds. However, you may not be able to do it on large crops. For these, you can get high-grade netting especially made against large birds.

How To Get Rid Of Crows

Make The Yard Less Attractive

For a solution on how to get rid of crows, you can make the yard less inviting for these animals by cleaning it often. Do not let any food or garbage around so that the crows won’t have the reasons to come back. Because what they are in search for is food, you can get rid of them by removing any food sources that will come back for.

Scare Them Away

You can use the most traditional method on how to get rid of crows and other unwanted birds out your territory by scaring them away using a scarecrow. Make a bamboo pole stake with old clothes hanging on it so that the birds will be scared by its flapping when the wind is blowing.  In addition to making a scarecrow, you can also set up a plastic owl in the backyard. However, this may not be that effective for a long time because the crows will eventually realize it’s not real.  You can also hang things shiny in your backyard by using some old CDs or aluminum plates to scare the birds of their own reflection.

How To Get Rid Of Crows

Use Sound Deterrents

Some people make use of sound or noise in scaring the crows away, especially by using the sound their predators make. You can use record predator sounds and play it when you notice crows in your backyard.  You can also make them feel your area is not safe for them to be but making sure that your recording is random meaning with settings to play a combination of different sounds to make the crows guessing. Remember that these birds are very intelligent not to guess or recognize patterns from what you are using against them. This solution on how to get rid of crows will eventually drive them away due to fear and annoyance of the noise.   Alternatively, you can use the multisensory approach by combining sound deterrents with visual ones (fake birds and scarecrows).  Aside from fake birds, you can make use of fake snakes, something to work effectively if you would combine it with other methods to deter crows, such as sound playing devices.

How To Get Rid Of Crows

By not luring them with food and water, there is a big chance they will seek somewhere else to look for these. You can remove all the edible things that they find in your backyard, including garbage bags that they can open easily to dig up food.  In addition to keeping garbage bags out of their sight, as one of the solutions on how to get rid of crows, you shouldn’t also leave any pet food around. As much as possible, you should also cover up the compost pit with some grasses and leaves. You should also watch on what they love eating, and that you may have to cut some fruit trees and berry bushes in your backyard.

In addition to recorded sound deterrents, you can also make loud sound yourself by clapping your hands, shooting and directing a racket towards them and yelling at them. You can also bang pots and pans or even set off fireworks when you see them. Whatever sound deterrents you use to shoo them away, you should always be consistent by doing it every time you see crows; otherwise, this solution on how to get rid of crows would make no sense.

Use Many Tactics!

Do not forget that crows are highly intelligent animals to pick up patterns you use against them in time. You should not use only one method that can be very feeble and easily recognizable for then. Speaking of multiple tactics, you don’t have to use them all at the same time though. You can switch them around and use varies locations. Use a method, and remove it after a few days. Then, use another tactic, something different. The important thing here is that you prevent the birds from recognizing the same patterns you are using to drive them away. You don’t want to them to become accustomed with one technique and soon ignore it.

Try any of these methods to drive away crows and keep them out your sight. If they keep on coming back and that none of these work, you may want to use the services of a pest control expert. Do not consider shooting them yourself, as it may be prohibited by law in your state and may not be a good solution itself. Finally, learn more methods on how to get rid of crows today!