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How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas

Dog fleas are some of the most annoying pests on earth, and you, just like other people, want to learn of ways to eliminate them. Before anything else though, you have to learn the source of infestation that can be coming from your beloved pet—your dog. Dogs are common sources of fleas, which may be hard to eliminate if the infestation is huge. Let’s start and learn ways on how to get rid of dog fleas for good.

Take Your Pet To The Vet

One of the most effective solutions on how to get rid of dog fleas is to take your dog to the vet because he will be able to give your pet a flea bath to kill the pests. He will also be able to teach you methods on how to remove the fleas by yourself so that further infestation can be prevented.  Upon reaching home, never let your pet inside your home yet, not until you are 100 percent sure he is free from fleas. Otherwise, fleas may spread into your home and aggravate the flea problem.


Remove The Fleas From Items And From The Environment

How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas

Remember that dog fleas only survive with a host as well as the bedding. Once the fleas left the host and fall off in clothes, beds and any other item used or places visited by the host, they will start accumulating there. Some of these include cars, clothes and carpets.  One of the best solutions on how to get rid of dog fleas is to check out every item in your home, especially those that were exposed to the infested pet or person. In the process, you can remove eggs and larvae.

First thing to do is to quarantine the infested host, and then collect all the items, rugs and beddings to soak in water with soap. This process on how to get rid of dog fleas will be able to kill the eggs and larvae.  Vacuum your furniture, carpets, bed mattresses as well as bare floors, cracks and spaces in the floor, behind doors and every corner of your home.  After it, you can seal and dispose the vacuum bag to prevent the larvae from escaping.

Steam Cleaning

How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas

Another effective method on how to get rid of dog fleas is to steam clean your carpets, rugs and soft furniture. For this solution, you can get the services of professional carpet and rug cleaners, but make sure you warn them about the infestation. On the other hand, you can clean your items by yourself, too, by buying an insecticidal shampoo to clean the rugs and carpets and kill the pests eventually. Otherwise, you can get a pest control company for heat treatment of these things, but this method is quite expensive.

Dishwashing Liquid

How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas

One of the most common techniques on how to get rid of dog fleas is to make use of traps, such as the dishwashing liquid trap.  You can catch and kill these pests by using a soapy solution with dishwashing liquid.  To do it, get dishwashing liquid, tea candles, warm water and dinner plates.  At night, put some bowls with water and a capful of dishwashing liquid around your house.  In the center of each bowl, put one candle to attract the dog fleas, which will be lure into light and jump into the bowl. This will get them trapped inside and drown.  You can repeat the same procedure for about a week or until the flea infestation is gone.

Herbal Spray

How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas

If you don’t like using chemicals as a solution on how to get rid of dog fleas, you can make your very own herbal spray that can leave your home smelling fresh and flea-free. There are many powerful natural materials to use for this method, and two of them are witch hazel and lemon juice. These two ingredients work effectively against dog fleas but they don’t pose harm to your children and pet. You can make use of this herbal spray to kill the pests in and around your home. To do it, get 16 ounces of lemon juice, half a gallon water, and four liters of vinegar and eight ounces of witch hazel.  Combine them and make an herbal spray. Before spraying the area, you should vacuum it to remove all the fleas that are lurking and hiding in corners, floor cracks and carpets.  For things that cannot be vacuumed, you should collect them for hot washing later to kill the fleas that attached to them.

Start spraying all over the place, including the pet bedding, furniture, carpets, floors, window sills, cracks and crevices and all the corners of your home. Perform the same for one week, depending on how large the scope of the infestation is.  When you notice reduced infestation of dog fleas, you may just have to spray once a week, especially during the flea season.  Indeed, this is one of the best remedies on how to get rid of dog fleas to try at home. An herbal spray like it works effectively but does not leave any chemical traces to harm your family’s health or to become toxic and threatening for human life. What are you waiting for? Prepare this herbal spray and get rid of fleas naturally for good!


How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas

You may already know it is a dehydrating agent for fleas, especially when the infestation is on your carpets. Salt dries out the bodies of fleas and kill them eventually.  You can large amount of salt depending on the size of the carpet or rug where you have to sprinkle it.  Put salt into a shaker bottle, but make sure to use only fine salt powder.  Sprinkle salt over the carpets in every room, and leave it for up to two days so that you can kill the fleas before vacuuming the rugs, one of the proven methods on how to get rid of dog fleas.

There you have the top ways to get rid of dog fleas at home using natural materials, vacuum and steam, among others. Check out which among the solutions work well in your case; otherwise, you may want to hire a pest control company if none of them works. Finally, learn more ways on how to get rid of dog fleas today!