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How To Get Rid Of Gas In Stomach

With the sedentary lifestyle people lead and kind of food they eat, they suffer from stomach gas at some points in their lives. Passing gas becomes a common occurrence that causes discomfort and embarrassment. If you’re in the same boat, then you may be looking for remedies on how to get rid of gas in stomach to help you stop the problem from coming back.  Check out the following methods and solutions to get relief from stomach gas.

How To Get Rid Of Gas In Stomach

Increasing your intake of ginger is said to be one of the best solutions to prevent yourself from suffering from stomach gas and spasms.  If you want to get rid of indigestion, you can add ginger in your meals by grating some of it and sprinkling on top of food. You can also have ginger tea daily if you suffer from stomach gas frequently.

How To Get Rid Of Gas In Stomach

Due to improper food digestion, people suffer from stomach gas and bloating, but it can be prevented with the aid of pumpkin because it reduces gas created during digestion. Prepare a cup of boiled or steamed pumpkin and enjoy it with your meal.

Baking Soda

How To Get Rid Of Gas In Stomach

Another potent solution on how to get rid of gas in stomach, baking soda works wonders for people who are suffering from gas. What you have to do is to add a spoonful of it on one cup of warm water. It helps in calming your stomach and reducing gas production.

Diet Changes

How To Get Rid Of Gas In Stomach

Suffering from stomach gas is often a common thing for people with poor food choices. You can prevent or get rid of the same problem if you would let go of fatty fried food, sugary food, carbonated drinks and processed food.


Before it can be digested thoroughly, protein requires an adequate amount of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, so you will not be able to digest it if you don’t have enough of it. For many people, they suffer from excessive gas leading to bloating due to poor protein digestion. When this happens, they may also suffer from heartburn and vomiting. As a solution on how to get rid of gas in stomach, you must eat protein rich food along with salads or vegetables. If you don’t have the chance to consume vegetables daily, have hydrochloric acid to buy from health stores. You can take one or two tablets after having a meal to promote better protein digestion.

Chamomile Tea

If you always suffer from stomach gas, try the natural remedy on how to get rid of gas in stomach offered by chamomile tea because it contains anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and relaxing properties. You can depend on it to solve indigestion and heartburn.  All you have to do is to prepare tea by getting a bag of chamomile tea, honey or lemon juice and a cup of boiled water.  Pour hot water over a cup with a chamomile tea bag, and let it steep for 15 minutes. Squeeze the tea bag after, and then add in a little bit of lemon or honey, as desired. Do not add milk because it only triggers gas.


Possessing antispasmodic properties, anise seeds help in relaxing your digestive tract, especially when you’re stressed. It provides relaxation effects in calming the stomach muscles, allowing it to reduce the production of gas, one of the best solutions on how to get rid of gas in stomach. In addition, it has carminative properties in reducing bloating and gas in your stomach.

Bacteria Balance

If bad bacteria thrive in your digestive tract, you can expect the foul smelling gas and waste products they produce, but you can stop it. To achieve the best of health and relieve yourself from stomach gas, you should maintain the balance of bacteria present in your digestive organs, one way on how to get rid of gas in stomach. To do it, you should include fermented and cultured food into your diet for encouraging the colonization of probiotics, the good bacteria. Some food sources include buttermilk, cheese and yogurt. They contain good bacteria to help in digestions and to protect you from stomach bloat and excessive gas.


How To Get Rid Of Gas In Stomach

Encouraging the gas in travelling going to your anus and squeezing the gas out, lying on your back and hugging your knees helps as a remedy on how to get rid of gas in stomach. Alternatively, you may want to kneel on your head while keeping your buttocks up in the air. When your head is facing down, you can allow gas to pass out. You can also lie down while pressing your legs against your stomach. While in this position, you should breathe in while forcing the gas out as you breathe out.  Just make sure that when you’re pushing the gas out your abdomen, you have to make sure that your stomach is empty.

Fluid Intake Increase

Poor digestion is what gas in the stomach wants to tell you about, but you can get rid of the problem by having plenty of fluids to help in flushing undigested food out from your system. Especially if you consume a lot of fiber into your diet, you should have a lot of water to avoid undigested food from collecting in the large intestines causing gas.

By increasing fluid intake does not mean you drink carbonated drinks. In fact, you have to avoid it because it only increases the feeling of discomfort when more gas accumulates.

To get rid of stomach gas, you can increase your intake of hot fluids for helping you pass gas out your system. Some beverages include herbal teas to help in digestion and in gas reduction.

Indian Spices

You can add Indian spices into food when cooking, and some of them include cumin, turmeric and cardamom, a few good remedies on how to get rid of gas in stomach naturally.

Above are only some remedies used by people suffering from stomach gas. Definitely, getting your digestive system back to normal only requires a little change in diet, such as increase in fluid intake and proper digestion of protein as well as consuming some herbal teas including anise, chamomile and ginger.  More so, you can make use of suggested positions in order to force the gas out your system. Try any of these solutions on how to get rid of gas in stomach. Get relief from stomach gas today!