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How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair

Grey hair is a sign of aging for many, but it can also be a sign of other deficiencies, including from nutrients like A and B vitamins, iron, copper and zinc. Copper, in particular, isn’t only an essential nutrient that helps in hair pigmentation, but it also helps in keeping your body and the heart’s arterial walls healthy. Without even saying, lack of copper in the body may weaken your arteries that may lead to a disorder called aneurism or the ballooning of the blood vessels, a life threatening condition that may lead to stroke.  To solve it, learn ways on how to get rid of grey hair.

One of the most used remedies on how to get rid of grey hair for centuries, fenugreek, which is commonly used in many Indian dishes, is a great remedy to fight of hair graying. Fenugreek seeds are not only beneficial to work against grey hair, but it is also beneficial for the entire body as a supplement.  Before consuming such for health supplement, however, consult your doctor for safety.  For many people, they use fenugreek paste to prevent premature hair graying.

Olive Oil And Black Seed Oil

Olive Oil And Black Seed Oil

A perfect combination to use in getting rid of grey hair, olive oil and black seed oil are two wonderful herbal solutions that have been used for many years.  Aside from eliminating grey hair, they work to make your hair shiny and smooth as well as promote growth and development of new hair follicles.  All you have to do to make use of these two materials as a solution on how to get rid of grey hair is to mix equal parts of them before massaging into your scalp.

The amount may vary depending on how much hair you have. You can leave it for an hour before washing off with warm water.  Repeat the same process daily until you can notice the results. You can also take a teaspoon of black seed oil twice per day to help you speed up the process of restoring black hair.

Sesame Seeds

Another effective herbal remedy to work against hair graying, sesame seeds come with potent properties to get rid of the condition.  All you have to do is to mix up some sesame seeds with almond oil to make a paste mixture, and then apply the product on your hair and scalp. Leave the same for about 30 minutes before washing it off.  For some people, they combine sesame seeds with carrot juice before applying into hair and scalp. Nevertheless, sesame seeds are nature’s gifts in battling premature hair graying.



One of the most popular remedies on how to get rid of grey hair, henna is a promising material to bring back your jet-black hair. Henna is very easy to access because it can be bought as powder in many herbal and health shops in your community. If you are fine with the brassy red tone that its application will result to, you can apply it directly onto your hair. Alternatively, you can make use of it together with chamomile extract. Either way, henna is one of the best solutions to use in bringing back the dark color tone of your hair.


Onion Juice

Another powerful solution on how to get rid of grey hair is to make use of onion juice that is rich in the enzyme called catalase. Onion juice has been used for many years by people who have grey hair. This is an effective home treatment to use as a topical solution or remedy. On the other hand, you may also rub onion directly onto your scalp for the best results in getting rid of grey hair. Before commercial hair dyes have been invented and introduced on the market, onion was already there helping many people get rid of their grey hair. Alternatively, you can make use of onion juice together with lemon juice because the latter also possess potent properties in eliminating grey hair.



Used as one of the most powerful cures against grey hair, gooseberries are non-irritating to use by everyone. You can just drink gooseberry juice daily as a remedy on how to get rid of grey hair fast. Alternatively, you can make use of gooseberries in combination with almond oil or coconut oil. You can just mix them up, and then apply onto your hair and scalp directly every night before going to bed. For the best results, use Amia, a type of Indian gooseberry said to possess very powerful properties in eliminating grey hair permanently. 

Red and green gooseberry isolated on white background


Sage And Rosemary

This powerful duo works well as a solution on how to get rid of grey hair. All you have to do is to get one half cup of rosemary and one-half cup of sage. Boil them together for about half an hour, and then allow them to cool and steep for about three hours before applying on your hair and scalp. Leave them until they dry before washing your hair with the usual shampoo. Repeat the same procedure once a week for the best results until no grey hair is visible.


Senna or Sage

Sage is a kind of herb helping to restore the hair color if you would use it consistently because it helps in saturating the hair strands to making them black eventually. To make use of this solution on how to get rid of grey hair, all you need to do is to boil some sage in water and leave it for a few hours. You can use this water in washing your hair with it. You can also spray your hair with it, but make sure not to apply shampoo until the following day.

There you have some of the best ways to get rid of grey hair at home. Using any of these solutions can help you restore your hair’s natural beauty and glow without undergoing medical procedures or taking chemical pills. Follow any of them and see which one works best as a remedy on how to get rid of grey hair today!